Weight Screw System


Pechauer cues have used the same weight screw design for over 30 years. The weight screws all have a shouldered head which allows it to go the proper depth into the butt of the cue. The screw is located under the rubber bumper in the bottom of the cue. The screws are color coded so as soon as the bumper is removed you know at a glance which weight screw is in the cue.


Following is a list of weight screws available :
Black 0.7 oz.
Brown 1.1 oz.
Yellow 1.4 oz.
Green 1.8 oz.
Blue 2.1 oz.
Orange 2.5 oz.
White 3.1 oz.
Red 3.7 oz.
Gold 4.4 oz.



The materials used in pool cues can vary in density so not every cue with a Red weight screw weighs the same. The weight screws just tell you how much a cue's weight can be changed from what it currently weighs.