Cue Construction

The process begins with a commitment to total quality control, starting with the selection of clear hard-rock curly and bird's-eye logs. We cut the logs and dry the lumber in our own specialized kiln. Each cue in the "Professional Series" starts with a select piece of hard-rock maple from which the shaft is born. It is chosen for its exceptional whiteness and grain. To these are married butt sections of bird's-eye/curly maple, ebony, cocobolo, and bacote. These exotic woods are chosen for their beauty and visual grain structure.

Parts and components, which most cue makers purchase from outside sources, are made in our own custom shop. These include stainless steel joint screw and collar, brass inserts, special ATF ferrule, weight screw, butt plate, and inlays, all of which are individually crafted in-house to control quality at every step of the hand-crafting process. The shop is atmosphere controlled so moisture levels are consistent throughout the cue making process.

Flawlessly finished to enhance the beauty of nature and the craftsmanship of skilled hand, Joe Pechauer makes the final inspection before signing each "Professional Series" cue.

It all comes together, with quality strictly controlled at each step of the way. Meticulous assembly, precision fit, flawless finish and a balance and feel that is unmatched anywhere, to create the J.Pechauer "Professional Series" custom cue.

Under that pretty finish you'll find the highest quality construction. All parts are glued as well as threaded. The stainless steel joint has female threads in the collar and male wood threads on the forearm.

The forearm is glued and threaded to the wrap section using male and female threads.

The Duralite butt is glued and threaded to the butt section.

The ferrule is glued and threaded onto the threaded shaft. Gluing and threading ensures that parts never come loose on a Pechauer cue.

The bumper is recessed slightly and press fit with 2 pressure points holding it in place.

Inlays are precision fit with no glue lines.

Hand sprayed finish, using 8 coats, sanded between coats, and polished to a high gloss finish.